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Tract media

As a diverse team of highly experienced creatives, we produce insightful and engaging media that adds value and authenticity to our clients’ work and helps reach a wider audience.

Our experienced team of designers offers a wide range of services to produce professional, visually appealing communications that help shape and clearly represent big project ideas.

Our Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Planning teams are fundamentally involved in our production workflow, evolving and elevating our productions to incorporate a vast collective knowledge.

3D Visualisations

Our industry-leading 3D visualisations demonstrate our passion and understanding for complex concepts, that seamlessly progress into refined designs and inspiring still renders and animations.

3D Visualisation Projects

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers bring clarity to technical designs and provide realistic representations of visionary concepts, illuminating a project in its best possible light at any stage of the design process.

Graphic Design Projects

Video Production

We combine our team’s wide range of skills to create compelling stories and make complex ideas accessible, in response to the creative potential within each and every project.

Video Production Projects

Project showcase

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