Internship Program_____

Intern Program

Our intern program will provide an opportunity for three interns, one in each discipline of Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and Urban Design, to work collaboratively on an exciting joint research project.

The interns will be current University of Melbourne students at the Masters level enrolled in the 2018 academic year. The intern program will run full-time across first three weeks in July 2018.

Research Project Topic

The research project will focus on the evolution of our cities into the future, and how planning and design professionals can futureproof the liveability of cities and mobility within them.

In an era of increasing technological advancement, including the advent of the autonomous vehicle, combined with a range of socio-economic and environmental changes and challenges, we must ensure we plan holistically for a range of possible future scenarios in order to ensure the cities and suburbs of the future are fit for purpose.

Students will use their research knowledge to create case studies, developing a range of scenarios for examining various options for responding to emerging and future planning and design challenges.

Creative strategies are needed to retrofit suburbia and incorporating flexible and adaptive concepts into planning and design processes and practices to create the cities that we want for the future.
Application Process

We are looking for highly motivated students with a strong track record of academic performance and the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.

Applications should include:

1. Current CV
2. Folio e.g. drawings and/or reports
3. Cover letter outlining:
- Why you’re interested in working with Tract.
- What skills you can bring to the project and collaborative team.
- Why you’re interested in the research project topic, and
- Your discipline preference.

Applications should be sent via email to by Monday, 28 May 2018 at 9am.