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2012 AIA Sir Osborne McCutcheon Award – Commercial Architecture

Tract’s Saltwater Coast estate design has developed a memorable identity for the residential community.

The built form and environment combine to create a distinctive and engaging place for people to live and recreate. Through skilful layout and design, Saltwater Coast features iconic views of Melbourne city at various angles, while balancing a commitment to the natural environment.

Wooden viewing platform over water of saltwater coast wetlands
Narrow bridge over wetlands at saltwater coast
Flat wooden bridge over a narrow water way in a wetlands
Concrete path around a wetland surrounded by native plants

Tract master planned and designed the development, providing a framework for the growth of the new suburban area. The ecologically sensitive landscape was taken as the starting point for the layout, with wetlands to the north and a lake system on the south.

Water management informed the design, with surface run-off needing to be contained within the development to protect the existing waterways. As such, the design revolves around a series of wetlands positioned to filter and purify stormwater before it enters the larger system.

Elevated view of saltwater coast wetlands, walkways and sheltered barbecue areas
Elevated view of a sporting oval and outdoor amphitheater style seating
Outdoor ampitheatre style seating made of concrete and timber set into a grassy hill

Saltwater Coast boasts a lifestyle centre with features such as tennis courts, gym and pool, along with extensive parkland and trail network for community recreation. The main thoroughfare, Saltwater Promenade, forms the spine of the development, with a colourful playground built in and around the decking, boardwalks and lakes.

Barbeque and picnic bench and chairs beneath a shelter by the water
Man walking a dog on a path around the wetlands
Childrens round see saw in a sand pit next to a sheltered seating area
Playground with silver, blue and grey play equipment in a sandpit
Known as the Crocodile Park for the giant saltwater crocodile water fountain, the stepping stones, sand and water streams make it a popular play area, with the grassy hills providing ideal picnic spots for locals and visitors.
Small child playing with water on a metal crocodile head water feature
Children playing in the crocodile park playground
Children playing in the crocodile park playground
Crocodile park playground and sandpit

In developing the contemporary coastal character, Tract has integrated place themes, diverse native planting and recreational infrastructure such as wetlands, parklands, shelters, boardwalks and playgrounds into the master plan, and successfully delivered them on the ground. Tract has combined site responsive design, place branding and innovative approaches in the development of Saltwater Coast.

Viewing platform over the water of saltwater coast wetlands
Rows of wooden bollards surrounded by trees and native plants
Entry signage of saltwater coast made of brick, wood, stone and metal
Winding path leading to playground surrounded by native planting and wooden bollards