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Adelaide City Council

Hindmarsh Property
Hames Sharley Architects

Landscape Architecture

Adelaide, SA


Robyn Oliver

Concrete sculpture at entrance to ergo apartments
Our philosophy for the landscape design of Ergo Apartments was to create an inner urban landscape environment that allows for a flexibility of uses and the activation of the space by residents and visitors alike.
Paved pathways leading to ergo apartment building
Small paved courtyard with bench seats and green planting around the edges
Small paved courtyard with green planting incorporated

Ergo is a low-rise complex of 182 high quality apartments situated within an inner urban laneway environment incorporating a series of landscaped piazza spaces around a multipurpose building at its heart.

Close up of green plants with people walking in background
Ergo apartments paved courtyard with trees
Ergo apartments, paved alleyway with trees

Tract, in collaboration with the Adelaide City Council, Hindmarsh Property Pty Ltd and Hames Sharley Architects were responsible for the master planning and design of the public realm for this development including laneways, footpaths and the central plaza space.

Ergo apartments paved alleyway with sculptural concrete wall
Ergo apartments alleyway with a painted brick wall
Paved alleyway with a bordering garden bed of shrubs and trees
Paved pathway with green trees - ergo apartments

The site itself had a great deal of physical and horticultural constraints, with the main area of public space being located above a basement car park. Tract utilised cutting edge green roof technology to create a treed plaza over the basement level car park.

Ergo apartment complex, series of irregular shaped garden beds and trees

This ‘central hub’ incorporated raised, formal, mounded lawn areas shaded by the feature tree plantings. These lawn areas provide a contextualised sense of the outdoor space within a highly urbanised environment and offers residents and the public an opportunity to laze on the grass, which is a luxury in this inner city context.

Concrete sculpture built into concrete garden bed retaining wall - ergo apartments
Ergo apartments concrete sculptural wall feature