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Will Free Parking Save Bridge Road?_____

Tract Consultants - Will Free Parking Save Bridge Road

Will Free Parking Save Bridge Road?

Will Free Parking Save Bridge Road?

Written By
Thami Croeser, Assistant Town Planner, Tract Consultants

Published By:
Planning Institute of Australia, Victoria Division

Please click the link below to read the full article featured in Planning News Vol.40 No.5 June 2014

Will Free Parking Save Bridge Road?
Article extract

Working at Tract Consultants near Bridge road in Richmond gives me a front-row seat on the city’s sad trend of high-street decline. Every day, I watch one of the city’s key retail strips slowly lose tenants. Walking to get my lunch, I often pass three or four empty shops in a row – and the ones that are still open are having closing-down sales. My guess is that 30% of the shops are vacant.

This decline has been going on for a while, but yesterday I noticed a new sign of desperation: a number of shops on the street are displaying this poster in their windows.

Free Parking Sign - Bridge Road
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