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Tract Wins 3 UDIA Awards_____

Tract Wins 3 UDIA Awards

The UDIA Awards for Excellence 2013 have recognised Tract Planning’s Waterview and The Edge Apartments, as the High Density category (joint winner), while Napoli Park, Providence, (Pask Group & Tract Landscape) won the Landscape award and the Liveable Melbourne Study by Tract & Deloite Access Economics received the Media Award.

The winning projects:

Waterview and The Edge Apartments

Tract Consultants - Waterview and The Edge Apartments

Waterview and The Edge, at Maribyrnong provide a contrast in market segment by delivering moderately priced accommodation in an establishing suburban location.

A steeply sloping site has been used to the project's advantage in the design and execution of this 9-level complex which utilises three street frontages and is spread across two buildings.

The higher levels enjoy uninterrupted views across Flemington Racecourse and Maribyrnong River to Melbourne's CBD and the site still offers one of Melbourne's best views of New Years Eve fireworks.

There is a good mix of apartment sizes and innovative incorporation of two-storey townhouses across the lower frontage, avoiding the need for large retaining walls at street level.

The apartments are well appointed with generous outdoor terraced areas.

The developer has dealt very well with site constraints delivering a very high quality product. The result helps to set the scene in this area of Melbourne, which has lacked supply of quality high density lifestyle options.
Napoli Park, Providence

Tract Consultants - Napoli Park, Providence

Napoli Park is not only beautiful; it is a multi-functional space of 1.8 hectares which has been provided early in the development of the Providence Estate.

Named and themed in deference to the rich Italian and European families who have resided for many years in the area, it is also infused with many contemporary Australian elements.

It is broken up into active and passive areas with a mix of walking paths through gardens, seating, protected spaces and opportunities for community and family gatherings.

Whilst containing all the appearances of a rich, exotic and layered environment, Napoil Park is actually designed to minimise maintenance, for example, galvanised steel roofing treated in ‘liquid rust’ paint creates a themed effect whilst being a simple installation.

The park features urban art pieces by mosaic artist Davia McMillan, which sits comfortably in the environment.

Melbourne Liveability Study

Tract Consultants - Liveable Melbourne

Tract (along with Deloitte Access Economics) produced a study for the (Melbourne) Magazine which measured the liveability of Melbourne’s suburbs, according to 14 criteria.

This study went on to be reproduced in The Age – website and print newspaper. Through the generation of significant interest via social media, the article was the second most viewed during its production week.

Not only did the article prove very interesting, relevant data based on a variety of research, it created discussion about planning issues, making some of the issues affecting the industry more accessible to the general public.
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