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Tract Visits The University of Melbourne_____

Tract Visits The University of Melbourne

As part of our upcoming forum, 'Rethinking the Strip', Tract is collaborating with The University of Melbourne to deliver a Studio as part of the Melbourne School of Design.

The studio, titled The Vacancy Market, is about re-shaping the urban high street, focused specifically around Richmond's Bridge Road. This collaboration provides a wonderful launch pad to our Forum discussions and the student will be encouraged to participate alongside our staff during the 2 day event later next month.

Last week, Deiter Lim, Orlando Harrison, Lona Parker and Dez Stallard attended their week 9 presentations and provided insightful feedback on their projects.
We have been very impressed with the ideas and projects we have seen so far and very excited by what they will add to our Forum.

The students will be frequent visitors of the Tract Workshop as they conduct their studios and exhibit their work. At the conclusion of the studio, they will host Tract staff to present their projects and get valuable feedback and discussions. It will no doubt be a highlight for students and staff alike.

Deiter Lim
Managing Director
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