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Tract Pops Up On Bridge Road_____

Tract Consultants - Bridge Road Popup Workshop

Tract Pops Up On Bridge Road

During the four weeks in the lead in to our forum 'Rethinking The Strip', Tract is establishing a pop up meeting space called the 'Tract WorkShop' that is located in the heart of Richmond's Bridge Road retail strip in a previously vacant shop front at Shop 1, 177 Bridge Road.

The Tract WorkShop will provide valuable insight into life on the strip by placing ourselves on centre stage in the heart of our community as well as an opportunity to approach many of our business functions in new and exciting ways.
The shop front will serve as an extension of our Richmond office and provide an interesting backdrop for meetings, presentations, exhibitions, discussions, and get-togethers that will without doubt, be a memorable and priceless experience for staff and guests.
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