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Tract Doubles Up At AILA Victoria Awards 2015_____

Tract Doubles Up At AILA Victoria Awards 2015

The 2015 AILA Victoria Awards were held on Friday 16 October at Melbourne Town Hall with Tract proudly taking home two awards for Zinc House and 108 Flinders Street projects.

Zinc House
Edna Walling Award for Residential Design in Landscape Architecture

108 Flinders Street
Award for Design in Landscape Architecture

Congratulations to both project teams for these spectacular project.

Judges Comments

Zinc House

The Jury were impressed by the apparent ease of this project. The elegance and restraint shown provides an example of seamless integration between the designers working on the project. The tone and pitch of the garden works to create a strong extension of the architectural language whilst simultaneously providing a recessive background that allows for the display of art. The landscape comprises of a series of surfaces and volumes brought to life through the careful attention to thickness and texture. Volume is strongly articulated in the contrast between a grid of plane trees (that will be tamed into a regular bosque), a plane of wisteria and a canary island date palm that hinges an awkward corner. Surface is articulated through shifts in textural scale. The project makes use of the irregular site shape to introduce a tension between the simple surfaces and volumes used.
Judges Comments

108 Flinders Street

This intriguing project provoked vigorous jury discussion. Tract has offered an interiorised landscape of artificial planting that addresses a number of challenging site constraints. The twelve-storey apartment building encloses an 18 x 8m first-floor atrium of eleven stories. With limited maintenance and service access, the requirement for a delightful, shared outlook for all residents has resulted in this experiment. While the concept of synthetic environments is hardly new, and past designers have tested the artistic and critical possibilities that artificial constructions can explore, the employment of ‘fake’ vegetation in particular sits uneasily with predominant expectations of the profession.

The design features upside-down pendant potted ‘trees’, a soaring ‘green’ wall and glass-bottomed pools which filter light to the foyer below. The space incorporates an eighteen metre graphic wall designed by Emery Studios. The careful, very seriously delivered detailing and well-judged sense of scale have created an engagingly rare space of mental play and visual joy. The jury congratulates Tract on a project that has earnestly investigated the playful possibilities open to landscape architects in developing unplanted green spaces.

108 Flinders Street Photo Credit: Images provided by Riverlee Pty Ltd.
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