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Spotlight On Tract - My Park Rules - Tract Consultants

Spotlight on Tract

It is often said, "Never work with children or animals” - and while there aren't many four-legged animals at Marrickville Primary School, there are certainly a whole lot of children!

My Park Rules speaks with Tract Director, Julie Lee about some of the joys and challenges of designing the winning ‘Park that Rules’ for Marrickville Primary School.

Julie Lee - Tract Consultants
Julie Lee
Director Landscape Architect
Interview Extract

My Park Rules promotes an awareness of the importance of quality green environments in the creation of enduring neighbourhoods, including the health benefits these spaces bring to a community. The role of the landscape architect is to design inclusive, high quality functional spaces that support the lifestyle of residents and visitors.

Click the link below to read the full article featured on My Park Rules.

Spotlight on Tract - My Park Rules
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