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Tract Consultants were engaged by the City of Stonnington, to generate and deliver a landscape Master Plan for Surrey Road Park, a former Council depot and transfer station.

Historically the site was used as a depot and refuse destructor and as a consequence the site has undergone extensive rehabilitation prior to the commencement of the landscape works and continues to integrate a Ground Water monitoring system for contaminated ground water.
The Master Plan acknowledges the site’s rich history and has a strong environmental focus. The public park offers opportunities for passive and active recreation pursuits.

A series of rain gardens filter through the park and the water harvested from each is directed into an underground storage tank that occupies a former waste tank. The Park’s irrigation system utilises this water supply.

A rock-lined swale trickles from the west down to the far south-east and is evocative of the former tributaries that ran into the nearby Yarra River. The integration of gabion retaining walls, an informal amphitheatre constructed from rustic oversized wharf timbers, raised timber decking and the tapestry of predominately native trees and shrubs provides a cohesive arrangement and one that enriches the lives of the community and provides a strong sense of place to the park.

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