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AV Jennings


Carina, QLD


5.35ha Total 1.5ha Park 92 Lots



2011 UDIA Small Residential Sub-Division Award for Excellence Finalist
2006 Landscape QLD Construction Award Highly Commended

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Commissioned by AV Jennings to redesign an unsuccessful Development Assessment design scheme by previous consultants, Tract worked closely with the client and Sheehy and Partners Engineers to deliver Stellar Residential; a Water Sensitive Sub-Division Design Layout which achieved high density, high amenity and high quality. Ticking the boxes on all three, the simplicity of the design framework was fundamental to the project success.

Master Plan
Developed on a derelict Caravan park site located on a major arterial road, adjacent to a Bus Depot and within 9km of the Brisbane City Centre, this urban infill development designed by Tract and delivered by AV Jennings consolidates urban form in delivering 92 small lot houses on a community title within a parkland setting.

With dedication of 1.5ha of the 5.35ha development site to parkland. 3.5ha of developed land is delivered through 260 to 300sqm house lots with zero lot rear or side boundaries to almost all lots allowing for significant rear courtyards for all.

Relatively high density has been achieved through small lot footprints with the expansive key recreational park realm developed into a celebration of a cohesive community through the central green core, compressed lot widths and densely landscaped gardens that eschew the traditionally monotonous and expansive front lawns in favour of a tighter more distinctive urban weave.
The creation of a functional green ribbon linking the dense residential core to adjacent playing fields and the waterway at the rear of the site inspires community life through residential usage, and wildlife through water treatment and habitat development.

The use of the landscape as a community linkage both internally and to earlier adjacent traditional sub-division styles has been so successful that it has been embraced by the local community to the extent that a Waterway Community Group has been established by the residents and funded by Brisbane City Council.

Context & Environment
The design of the public realm has allowed for the development of an urban park which feeds and filters run -off into a natural channel inspired re-construction of the existing weed-infested engineered channel.

This more sensitive and habitat rich waterway environment incorporates ponds, riffles and bio-diverse indigenous vegetation for urban fauna and also as a natural play space for children. This WSUD style treatment though a common is a fantastic example of the key role that small infill sites can play in improving the environment and community for existing neighbourhoods.

Avoiding a traditional low density sub-division model has allowed for far more houses with far more parkland for a far larger community which minimises road reserves. All of this maximises the pedestrian and park environment to reduce internal car usage, moderate off -lot parking and activate the local communities.

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