Tract Consultants - Springvale Municipal Precinct - 3D Render

Tract Consultants - Springvale Municipal Precinct - Masterplan

Tract are currently working with the City of Greater Dandenong, leading a consultant team to undertake a masterplan design and renewal strategy for the Springvale Municipal Precinct. This incorporates the site of the former Springvale Municipal Offices, the Springvale Library, the City Hall and other associated municipal uses.

The objective is to create a vibrant civic and community precinct into the future for Springvale, that incorporates new library and community facilities, as well as envigorating the City Hall. The majority of the site is currently under-utilised open space and car parking - one of the key directions for the masterplan is to create more effective and inviting public spaces as a feature of the civic precinct.

The Tract approach establishes Council and community support for core 'placemaking' principles through site and design investigations, and a thorough community consultation process. The precinct will be shaped by the needs and ideas of the local community, which is extremely diverse in its ethnicity and demographics.
The masterplan features a revitalised Springvale City Hall, a new multi-purpose hub development incorporating a new Springvale Library, a learning hub and varied community meeting facilities. The majority of the site is to be a landscaped civic plaza, green reserve and community gardens, playground and passive recereational spaces.

Key themes for the masterplan are:

  1. Creation of special places and spaces for people, and for the local community,
  2. Incorporation and interpretation of the diverse local community through public spaces and community-use buildings,
  3. A sustainable new civic precinct that is flexible in its purpose and use over time,
  4. Reinforcing the ‘civic pride' that is evident in the local community, and focused on the municipal precinct.
Tract Media produced this 3D animation to assist the Tract lead consultants team to engage the community in the Springvale Municipal Precinct Masterplan consultation.

Springvale Municipal Precinct_____

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