Tract Consultants - Somerfield Estate - Tree To Wetland

Somerfield Estate - Estate Aerial - Tract Consultants

Tract Consultants - Somerfield Estate - Swale Lookout

Somerfield Estate - Wetland Aerial - Tract Consultants

Tract Consultants - Somerfield Estate - Wetland Shelter

Tract Consultants - Somerfield Estate - Wetland Panorama

Tract Consultants - Somerfield Estate - Swale

2016 UDIA Environmental Excellence Award (VIC)
2016 UDIA Residential Development Award (VIC)
2012 Commercial Landscape Project - LIAV
2011 UDIA EnviroDevelopment Award
Project Brochure

Once home to market gardens, Somerfield Estate is a 1700 lot residential development by Intrapac & Brencorp, located in Keysborough, 25 kilometers from Melbourne's CBD and only a few minutes from the revitalised centre of Dandenong.

Tract Landscape & Urban Design were involved from 'Early Vision' planning through to overall estate Masterplanning, which realised a goal of 20% open space, creating a network of green which threads throughout the development for the enjoyment of the community.

The three main linear reserves will contain drainage lines which rehabilitate natural waterways, wetlands for storm water run-off, and a network of open space areas for both active and passive recreation. The design of the open spaces seeks to echo the market garden history of the site through its design elements and planting themes.

The largest of the open spaces will see the establishment of a sensitively designed nature reserve encompassing large stands of remnant vegetation with managed areas of revegetation, all assisting habitat protection for wildlife.
The estate fosters pedestrian and cycling networks which connect all linear reserves throughout the development, which will also be dispersed with outdoor fitness stations to promote active recreation and provide residents with an alternative to the gym.

Tract Landscape continues its involvement, translating the Masterplan vision into sensitively landscaped open spaces, wetlands, drainage reserves, and tree lined streets and boulevards. Some of the key built outcomes to date consist of:
  • The Somerfield Pirate Playground
  • The Perry Road Wetland
    LIAV 2012 Winner for Commercial Landscape Construction (MJLC)
  • The Somerfield Drive Drainage Channel
  • and the Church Rd Park
In November 2011, Somerfield Estate received official certification as an EnviroDevelopment in three elements: ecosystems, water and community. It is the first development to receive EnviroDevelopment certification under the new UDIA national standards.

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