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Tract Consultants was engaged by Manhattan Hanson Roden to design and implement a landscape scheme for the Elenberg Fraser designed apartment building, located along Roden Street, West Melbourne.

To the heart of the development is a central courtyard that provides a green oasis and sense of relief between the two building forms. The Courtyard provides a simple, yet bold arrangement of low vegetated mounds supporting clumps of mature bamboo. A tapestry of lush evergreen groundcovers and climbers below provides a carpet of green that drapes along the ground and up the customised steel frames to either side of the courtyard.
The frames sit out from the building façade and, over time, will be covered with climbers that will provide a soft green outlook for the upper level apartments and will assist with mitigating views between tenancies. A meandering gravel path is provided to the perimeter of the mounds and enables maintenance access to the plantings.

Several apartments enjoy private courtyards that provide an intimate extension of the apartment living spaces. The courtyards integrate a paved terrace and a series of raised planters that support tall shrubs and groundcovers.

The development integrates a series of vertical green-wall panels to the site’s frontage and contribute to Roden’s streetscape amenity and character. The scale of the panels and the abundant green plantings challenge the traditional approach of how the landscape can be woven into the building forms.

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