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Lynbrook Estate is a 135 hectare housing estate for Places Victoria at Lyndhurst, a key part of Melbourne’s southeastern growth corridor.

Tract Consultants are a key member of the Lynbrook Project Team having an Urban Design and Planning role to coordinate the design and development of the Estate. Tract was responsible for the re-design of the overall Estate following a project review in thge late 1990's. Arising from this masterplanning exercise, Tract recommended relocating the waterway function to the west boundary of the site to create an integrated open space and water treatment link. Tract also designed the boulevard entry, now known as Lynbrook Boulevard to create a major point of entry at the South Gippsland Highway.
Lynbrook Estate is an innovative residential community development comprises:
  • 1750 residential lots
  • The Lynbrook Village Activity centre with up to 8000m2 of shops, offices and entertainment using a ‘main street’ design
  • A railway station, two schools and associated community facilities
  • An open space and drainage system coordinated with Melbourne Water under the "Waterwise" program, including parks, wetlands streets that embrace ‘Water Sensitive Urban Design Principles’.
As the estate continues to grow into a community, Tract continues to provide subdivision design advice and obtains permit approvals for future stages.

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