Tract Consultants - Ilk Apartments - Rooftop Terrace

Tract Consultants - Ilk Apartments - Rooftop Courtyard

Tract Consultants - Ilk Apartments - Rooftop Private Seating

Tract Consultants - Ilk Apartments - Rooftop Landscaping

Tract Consultants - Ilk Apartments - Ground Floor Entrance

2014 UDIA High Density Development Award (VIC)

Tract Consultants was engaged by Little Property Group to design and implement a landscape scheme for the Cox designed Ilk Apartment building, located along Toorak Road, South Yarra.

The approach to the building is via a Garden Walk located to the west of the site, with access through a gate from Toorak Road. The Walk is beautifully detailed with timber seats built into the planter walls, a rich tapestry of paving and walling treatments, a cascading water wall and an ordered arrangement of Bamboo and potted Raphis palms.
Located on level 9 is a communal recreation deck. Facilities include veggie plots, a Teppanyaki bar with communal dining facilities, an outdoor lounge room with fire pit and an overhead pergola draped in scented evergreen climbers. The orthogonal arrangement of timber decking, honed unit pavers, stepping stones and artificial grass help to define the deck and provide visual interest when viewed from above.

The generous timber deck to level 3 provides an extension to the indoor pool facility. The deck wraps up one side to provide an informal backrest and an edge restraint to the raised, sloping garden beyond.

The continuous planter along the decks southern boundary supports a carpet of succulent plants and is punctuated by a mature, multi-stemmed Dragon tree.

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