Tract Consultants - Bowen Foreshore - Catalina

Tract Consultants - Bowen Foreshore - Dalrymple

Tract Consultants - Bowen Foreshore - Playground

Tract Consultants - Bowen Foreshore - Dalrymple Nightlife

Tract Consultants - Bowen Foreshore - Skatepark

2011 AILA Landscape Architecture Award - Design (QLD)
2010 PIA Planning Excellence

Tract is proud of its involvement with the Whitsunday Regional Council (formerly Bowen Shire Council), to oversee the redevelopment of the Bowen Foreshore. Working closely with Council, Local and State stakeholders, Tract has delivered a complex planning approval process and an award winning landscape design.

Primary elements of the award winning foreshore redevelopment include:
  • The Catalina Commemorative area and war memorials;
  • The Festival Lawn event space including Bowen soundshell and pier plaza precinct;
  • Santa Barbara Park and Promenade development;
  • Regional skate park, playgrounds and facilities; and
  • The waterplay park.
The Bowen Foreshore master plan is the celebration of the rich history and heritage of the region, that provides a wide range of water and recreational activities, for not only for locals but also for tourists.

In November 2009 Stage One was completed, meeting Council’s key objectives and establishing Bowen Foreshore as a major public domain, providing the catalyst for development, consolidation of the local identity and meeting the growing recreation needs. In late 2012 the Stage Two Waterplay Park was opened completing Councils Vision for a revitalised and activated Foreshore and "Front Beach"

Bowen Foreshore Renewal has been awarded:
  • 2010- PIA Award of Excellence in Urban Design Plans and Ideas; and
  • 2011 - AILA Qld Design Award.

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