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Tract Consultants were retained by R Corporation/Macquarie Bank to assist in the masterplanning and landscape overlay of a significant holding of surplus land, Botanicca Industry Park; considered a rare and unique offer particularly given its location in Burnley, within 5Km from the CBD of Melbourne. The proposal for a business/office park adjacent a major tram super stop involved a number of issues for consideration including: overlooking and sensitivity to the renowned Burnley gardens, a renowned 19th century gardenesque setting as well as a rationalisation of an existing Victrack carpark amongst significant stands of native red gums.

Key principles included the need to create an appropriate scale and sense of place as an office/business park, pedestrian circulation and access and a landscape overlay that harmonised the proposed buildings with the existing setting, whilst seamlessly integrating the proposal into the context. The basic structure included building allotments around/off a new entry boulevard with a central vehicular set down and turnaround configured as a central piazza.
The existing heritage listed random stone walls along Swan Street were the inspiration for two new entry portal gateways walls including bold contemporary signage and highlighted with taller nodal plantings of hoop pines to clearly communicate to the world at large the change of land use.

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