Tract Consultants - Berrybank Wind Farm - Site Photo

Tract lead a multi-disciplinary team in the planning for a major wind farm in Victoria’s south west. Berrybank Wind Farm is located in the Hamilton Highway about 100km west of Geelong. It comprises 99 wind turbines and is capable of generating up to 300MW of renewable energy to be fed into the national grid.

As a clean and green source of renewable energy, Berrybank Wind Farm will make an important contribution to reducing greenhouse emissions, addressing climate change and proving employment in rural areas.
Tract were involved in all aspects of the project, including preparation of EES notification and planning permit application, organizing a community information day, briefing Council and other stakeholders and preparing site plans. Tract also assisted in the project management of consultants and the representation at a Planning Panel setup to consider the project.

Berrybank Wind Farm_____

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