ANZAC Centenary Memorial Walk - War Memorial - Tract Consultants

ANZAC Centenary Memorial Walk - Central Planting 02 - Tract Consultants

ANZAC Centenary Memorial Walk - Central Planting 01 - Tract Consultants

ANZAC Centenary Memorial Walk - Government House Garden - Tract Consultants

ANZAC Centenary Memorial Walk - Interprative Signage - Tract Consultants

ANZAC Centenary Memorial Walk - Paving Details - Tract Consultants

2016 AILA Landscape Architecture Award - Civic Landscape (SA)

In collaboration with Grieve Gillet Anderson; Tract Consultants undertook master planning, design and documentation of the Anzac Centenary Memorial Walk project.

The Anzac Centenary Memorial Walk physically and symbolically links the State’s principal site of remembrance, the South Australian National War Memorial on North Terrace, with Torrens Parade Ground and the Pathway of Honour. The Memorial Walk involved the of reallocation of a 10 metre wide, 250 metre long parcel of Government House land bordering Kintore Avenue with a design based on three pillars:
  • Remembrance – signified by the War Memorial.
  • Loyalty – signified by Government House.
  • Service – signified by Torrens Parade Ground from where many service men and women departed for theatres of war.
Significant consultation was undertaken across government agencies and stakeholders to arrive at a solution that provided a reverent memorial space, as well as addressing the security and technical concerns of the end user.

South Australian stone is featured heavily in the design, as is a symbolic, native planting scheme. A series of raised garden beds run the length of the design, providing refuge from traffic and feature integrated seating and interpretive elements. A large granite memorial wall with interpretive artwork etched into the stone forms the centrepiece of the design.

This project is under construction and it is anticipated it will be complete by ANZAC Day 2016 and will provide a dignified space for ceremonial events, as well as a space for quiet reflection and contemplation of the sacrifices made by the armed forces.

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