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Kingsford Smith Drive Upgrade Options – In The News_____

Kingsford Smith Drive Upgrade Options – In The News

Tract applauds Brisbane City Council (BCC) on their vision for Kingsford Smith Drive Upgrade (KSD), which is the key eastern approach to Brisbane city. Recent announcements on the long term ownership of allied BCC infrastructure projects have promoted the potential for an earlier upgrade of KSD than previously planned.

Having worked for BCC, in partnership with SKM, on several upgrade options for Stages 2 and 3 of KSD, Tract is delighted for the local community and commuters that the upgrade will improve access to and from Breakfast Creek, the City and the Brisbane River. The key to BCC’s vision was the extensive community consultation that informed the final selection of the preferred infrastructure combination. Common to all options were continuous shared path access, parkland pockets and extensive tree planting to create a legacy, civic, subtropical avenue adjacent to Brisbane’s beautiful wide river. In all upgrade options, a continuous 2.1km riverfront access will be an outstanding bequest for the current administration to the future of growth of Brisbane.
Tract’s professional service included urban design and community consultation materials for five upgrade options comprising a range of infrastructure combinations for Stages 2 (Theodore Street to Riverview Terrace) and Stage 3 (Riverview Terrace to Breakfast Creek Road). This included 4 metre strip plans and elevations for each option, in conjunction with a full 3D model with interactive vista panoramas. Our work was completed to very tight timelines with close collaboration with both BCC and SKM.

In late 2010, the five illustrated upgrade options were extensively workshopped and consulted in the local community and on-line. With Airport Link Northern Busway now in operation and drawing traffic from the Airport and the North to the city, BCC is seizing an opportune moment to redevelop and reinvigorate Kingsford Smith Drive as a green transit artery, a tree lined civic river boulevard and a new gateway to our creative subtropical city.
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