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Haven’t You Dreamed of Change?_____

Haven’t You Dreamed of Change?

Adam Terrill, Senior Principal Planner at Tract recently teamed up with Chris McNeill of Spade Consultants to look at the growing Tree and Seachange Trend, and ultimately to use a range of indicators in a quest for the best 10 tree and seachange destinations across Australia.
Article Extract

Tens of thousands of Australians dream of seachanging or treechanging, giving up their big city lives and the stresses that go with them to move to the coast or country. It’s especially common around this time of year, when workers return to their jobs, reflect wistfully on the beach holiday they just left behind and ask: “Why can’t I live like that all year round?” At The New Daily we feel your pain. And so we set ourselves a task: we would identify 10 sea and tree change towns so that those seriously contemplating a shift from a capital city – and increasing numbers of Australians are – would have something more than a daydream to cling to.

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