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Domain Healthy Suburbs Study_____

Domain Healthy Suburbs Study - Tract Consultants

Domain Healthy Suburbs Study

Working in partnership with Domain and Deloitte Access Economics, Tract is excited to introduce the first ever Domain Healthy Suburbs Study which provides an in-depth analysis of what makes a healthy Australian suburb.

This study launched on Wednesday 17 October on the Domain website, with associated articles published by The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Brisbane Times.

The study compares suburbs across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane on 10 indicators that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The indicators promoting positive health outcomes include: tree cover; hospitals; allied and community health; open space; active transport; access to fresh food; and walkability. The study also considers factors that may influence poor health outcomes, such as the density of fast food outlets and liquor stores.

Tract’s team provided leadership in the research and development of all indicators, including the development of a new walkability index to identify the suburbs best suited to walking.

Suburbs receive a health score out of five stars. Suburbs that score five stars are typically well connected by transport and services, with the addition of extensive open space, such as large parklands and river corridors.

Perhaps surprisingly, high property prices aren’t a key indicator of health! The study shows that less affluent suburbs can provide the amenities and infrastructure necessary to promote healthy lifestyles.

As part of the publication series, Domain featured an article with contribution by Tract Senior Principal Town Planner and study co-author Adam Terrill. The article provides insights into the results and delves deeper into the way policy and government investment can make for healthier suburbs.

Domain Healthy Suburbs Study is Tract’s fifth major print and digital publication investigating health and liveability in Australian cities, in partnership with Deloitte Access Economics and Domain. For more information on our involvement in the study, the broader Liveable Suburbs series: Liveable Melbourne 2015; Liveable Sydney 2016; or any of our work in general, please contact:
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