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AILA Award for Summerland Peninsula_____

Tract Consultants - Summerland Peninsula - AILA Award

AILA Award for Summerland Peninsula

In recognition of an outstanding Master Plan for the Summerland Peninsula on Phillip Island, Tract received an 2014 AILA Victoria Planning award on Friday 21 November. Congratulations to Mark Reilly and Rodney Wulff for the Summerland Peninsula Infrastructure & Procurement Masterplan (colloquially referred to as the Penguin Parade).

The Summerland Peninsula is home to the number one natural wildlife attraction in Australia, the Penguin Parade. The Penguin Parade Visitor Centre currently receives around 500,000 paying visitors per annum with thousands more experiencing the Summerland Peninsula through recreation and sightseeing activities. It is a place with unique ecological, scenic and cultural values, but also a place which is subject to patterns of use which have the potential to impact on the site and the quality of the user experience over time.
‘Tract Consultants, as landscape architects and project team leaders, developed innovative ways of thinking about the site that led to exceptional environmental, social and tourism outcomes that changed the way that the Nature Parks organisation thought about the site and how it could function. The Master Plan has also influenced the way in which the organisation now looks at other parts of the Nature Parks portfolio to achieve outstanding results’

Phillip Island Nature Parks

For further information on Tracts Master Plan for the Summerland Peninsula click here

You can also view the Summerland Peninsula 3D and graphic outputs created by Tract Media.
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