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August 2018 Archives | Tract Consultants | Landscape Architects | Town Planners | Urban Designers

Archives for August, 2018

Tract National Travel Scholarship 2018 - Tract Consultants Tract Travel Scholarship 2018 Awarded - national-travel-scholarship-2018_tract-consultants-330x198 - travel scholarship
We are excited to announce this year’s winners of Tract’s national Travel Scholarship for 2018. This year there was a strong theme around urban regeneration and renewal amongst the applications and Tract has awarded 3 scholarships centred on this theme.[....]

Royal Adelaide Hospital - Civic Landscape - Tract Consultants Royal Adelaide Hospital Wins 2018 AILA SA Awards - royaladelaidehospital-civiclandscape-tractconsultants-330x248 - royal adelaide hospital
Our Adelaide team is excited to announce 3 wins from the 2018 AILA SA Awards ceremony held last Wednesday![....]