Archives for January, 2015

Tract Consultants - Green Star Communities - Project Supporter Tract Assists Brisbane Airport To Achieve Australian First - Tract-Consultants-Green-Star-Communities-Project-Supporter-330x174 - brisbane airport
The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has awarded Australia’s first Green Star – Communities rating to Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC).[....]

Tract Consultants - Urban Desgin Promotion - Elli Fishe -& Danielle McCann Urban Design Promotions - Tract-Consultants-Urban-Desgin-Promotions-Elli-Fishe-Danielle-McCann-330x164 - promotion
We are pleased to announce the promotion of Elli Fisher to an Associate and Danielle McCann as Senior Urban Designer at Tract Consultants. Both are key members of Tract’s design team and we recognise the contribution and value that they add to our organisation. Both Elli and Danni are highly focussed on delivering design excellence and outstanding project outcomes for our clients and the communities that we design for.[....]

Tract Consultants - Landscape Architecture Promotion - Chris Downie & Mark Skiba Melbourne Landscape Promotions - Tract-Consultants-Landscape-Architecture-Promotions-Chris-Downie-Mark-Skiba-330x164 - promotion
Tract is pleased to welcome two of its Landscape Architects; Chris Downie and Mark Skiba as Associates of Tract Consultants. Their dedication to positive landscape outcomes and promotion of the profession of landscape architecture is highly valued at Tract.[....]

Tract Consultants - Town Planning Promotion - Kirsten Kilpatrick & Katie Murphy Town Planning Promotions - Tract-Consultants-Town-Planning-Promotions-Kirsten-Kilpatrick-Katie-Murphy-330x164 - promotion
Tract is delighted to announce the promotion of Associate Town Planners; Kirsten Kilpatrick and Katie Murphy to Principals of Tract Consultants. Both Kirsten and Katie have contributed to Tract’s planning activities over a number of years and we are pleased to acknowledge and reward their contribution. [....]