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Townsville City Council


Townsville, QLD

2017 AILA Landscape Architecture Award - Urban Design (QLD)

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Townsville North Railyards is strategically located at the Gateway to the CBD and has considerable Heritage and community values. Townsville City Council wishes to develop the former Railyards site to create an “Urban Village”, to ensure that its future use contributes to the economic growth and transformation of the City, and that its potential as a catalyst for innovation is maximised.

The site is highly visible and could be described as a place where the waterside environment, the history of Townsville and the urban community intersect. It will be a key site at the interface of the future development of the Townsville City Waterfront Priority development Area adopted by the State Government in 2015.
Tract in partnership with Conrad Gargett developed a strategy to frame the site challenges within a comprehensive and shared development vision. This balances the resources involved in developing and maintaining the site against the potential of the site, and repositions the site commercially, starting to improve the overall market understanding of the site and to initiating the positive engagement of the local development industry and the wider community in its redevelopment.

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