Brisbane Airport Landscape Setting Strategy - 01 - Tract Consultants

Brisbane Airport Landscape Setting Strategy - 02 - Tract Consultants

2018 AILA Award of Excellence - Landscape Planning (QLD)
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Tract Consultants, Urban Enquiry and E2Design Lab collaborated on the Brisbane Airport Landscape Setting Strategy for the Brisbane Airport Corporation’s 1000ha of landside landholdings directly adjoining Moreton Bay.

The Landscape Setting Strategy is the principal and primary reference for all landscape initiatives at the airport – design, development, delivery, management and maintenance. The document draws from across the Airport’s comprehensive suite of established guidance to provide a simple and synthesized resource. It sets in place a clear overarching Statement of Intent, defining the guiding ambition for the landscape of Brisbane Airport, supported by three Goals.
The Statement and Goals provide a reference to guide day to day decision making, project development and evaluation to ensure all opportunities and investment are aligned to realise BAC’s vision for the development of its landscape asset, enhanced habitat diversity, best practice environmental quality and memorable landscape experiences.

Key elements of the Brisbane Airport Landscape Setting Strategy include Landscape Statement of Intent, Landscape Goals and Principles, Thematic Landscape Areas plans, Illustrative Typologies, and a revised Thematic Planting Criteria and Thematic Planting Palette.

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