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Victoria’s first Vertical School_____

Victorias First Vertical School - Credit Chris Matterson Photography - Tract Consultants

Victoria’s first Vertical School

South Melbourne Primary School designed by Hayball is Victoria’s first ‘vertical school’, doing away with fences as an exemplar of an educational environment shaped for the close-quartered, communal life.

Tract landscape architecture team in collaboration with Hayball worked to weave greenery and open space throughout the school’s six-storeys, creating a design narrative of vertical connection.

“As you go through the different outdoor spaces, we wanted to allow students a more physical connection to greenery, providing opportunities for tactile engagement with plantings.”
says Mariano Lopez, Principal Landscape Architect, Tract Consultants.
For a look inside the Ferrars Street complex and how the project team created a school shaped for the 21st-century city please click the link below.
A fenceless, vertical school in Melbourne trades hard borders for close-knit community - Foreground

Photography by - Chris Matterson Photography
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