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The Urban Forest_____

Tract_Urban Forest

The Urban Forest

We have a cloistered courtyard here in our Tract Richmond office – north facing. Three sides of the office peer onto it with floor to ceiling glazing, the forth side of the box is a vine covered brick wall with a door onto the car park on the other side.

In the courtyard are four pollarded Cut-leaf Plane trees (Platanus orientalis var. digitata), planted by Tract in 1987 (@9m H, 120mm DBH, the height was cut in half at planting, from those of you with an arboricultural bent).
During the extreme heat we are feeling this week, the courtyard provides a shady green outside escape, and attractive outlook from our desks, and solar protection to the inside of the building.

It is 36.8C there at the moment. In the car park just the other side of that wall, we have just measured 50.8C.

Four trees.
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