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Tractors in action at the University of Melbourne_____


Tractors in action at the University of Melbourne

Ben Daly, Aki Hatayama and Mark Skiba have been accepted as tutors in urban-focussed subjects this semester within The University of Melbourne's Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning.

Ben is tutoring in ‘Urban History’ under Dr. David Nichols, author of The Bogan Delusion and co-author of Trendyville.

This second year subject examines the ideas, values, and forces which influenced the physical growth and development of urban areas in the developed world.

Further, the subject provides opportunities for students to speculate on the future of our cities in the twenty-first century and to consider the role of the planner, the citizen, governing bodies, and other forces on the shape and changing role of the city.

Aki and Mark are tutoring in ‘Urban Open Space’ under Dr. Sidh Sintusingha, ex-Tract employee and lecturer since 2005.

This third year subject is framed for two majors in the Bachelor of Environments: Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning and Design.
The studio will introduce a range of urban design principles, practices and precedents, and then lead on to the production of designs for an urban space at the Queen Victoria Market (not previously used as a test site in this studio).

Students will:
  • Critically explore the interrelations between Jan Gehl’s notion of ‘life’, ‘space’ and ‘buildings’ and the influences of urban density and intensity and the public/private interface.
  • Creatively respond to complex socio-spatial, cultural issues associated with urbanization and urban changes (densification/intensification).
  • Be grounded on the realities of the site; be futuristic and optimistic for the future of open spaces in and around QVM.
  • Be committed to exploring contemporary expressions and new urban landscape forms.
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