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Tract Landscape Architects Tutor at University_____

Tract Consultants - 4 Landscape Architects Tutor At University

Tract Landscape Architects Tutor at University

Four Tract landscape architects have been invited to tutor​ in studios at Melbourne and RMIT Universities in Semester 1, 2015.

Aki Hatayama and Mark Skiba return to the 'Urban Open Space Studio' at the University of Melbourne, which explores Jan Gehl's notion of life in urban space.  Students are tasked with developing design concepts for the Victoria Market site, which is to become the 'Federation Square of the North' as the area around it rapidly gentrifies and expands upwards.
Bonnie Grant is co-leading the 'Overlapping Currents' Studio at RMIT University.  The Studio asks students to explore how a series of interventions could be implemented to expand and enhance the human relationship to Melbourne’s Yarra River.  The studio will challenge students to engage with the complexities of development in public open space, and to reconsider current approaches to water management and the notion of ‘urban sustainability’.

Lily Hsu is also tutoring at RMIT, in 'Structures and Materials'.  Students are asked to observe, experience and measure benchmark projects around Melbourne, to gain an understanding of construction and documentation techniques.  Students will then be required to develop a drawing package of their own, with a focus on timber or concrete as the main material.  A 1:1 scale installation of the design will also be built and installed on the university grounds.
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