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Steve Calhoun Featured on Domain_____

Steve Calhoun - Featured on Domain - Tract Consultants

Steve Calhoun Featured on Domain

Steve Calhoun, one of Tract Consultant’s founders and leading Australian landscape architect, is being celebrated this week on Domain for his contribution to making liveable, humanised spaces over a career spanning 40+ years.

Steve Calhoun has made so much of urban Australia a greener, more pleasant place that the scale of his impact is almost improbable.

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Landscaper Steve Calhoun: Largely unknown but Australia owes him thanks - Domain
“It is to make urban landscapes liveable. Can you imagine what cities would be like without trees?"

“It’s the greenery that connects, breaks up, re-links and creates the liveable spaces … Humanised spaces full of smells and colours and shapes”.

“It’s an emotive skill. It comes from the heart and not the brain.”

Steve Calhoun
Founding Director Landscape Architect
Tract Consultants
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