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Sketches Scholarship_____

Sketches Scholarship

We are delighted to announce the inaugural Sketches Scholarship recipients. On merit, not one but three of our Landscape Architects were announced as the 2016 recipients. We would like to warmly congratulate Emma Stevens, Phil Harkin and Jane Wu, who will each receive the Sketching Scholarship.

These three individuals will each travel and return with sketches from their journeys, exploring individual styles across various mediums from graphite, pen & ink, watercolour and coloured pencil. With an increasing reliance on digital rendering – this is a personal expression in which the artists hand is seen most clearly.

‘The way we use line, tone and colour is a representation of the way we distil our thoughts in plan, section and perspective. Drawing and sketching allows us to both rationalise and conceptualise the world, to define and distil its essence and to create the vision of what it is that makes the world such a wonderful place.’

Deiter Lim, Foreword to "Sketches 1947 to 2015"
The Sketches Scholarship is funded from the sales of Rodney Wulff's book "Sketches 1947 to 2015" and a donation from Rodney.

Rodney’s book, "Sketches 1947 to 2015" (480 page A5 book), can be purchased at Tract with all proceeds from Tract sales going to the Sketches Scholarship. Alternatively, the book can also be purchased at My Bookshop.
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