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Sketches Scholarship 2017_____

Sketches Scholarship 2017 Recipients - Tract Consultants

Sketches Scholarship 2017

We are delighted to announce the 2017 recipients of the 2nd annual Tract Sketches Scholarship. We would like to congratulate Elise Bertret, Alice Coates and Sam Otto, who will each receive the Sketches Scholarship.

These three individuals will each be exploring their individual styles across various mediums.

Elise Bertret
Traveling to the south of France, Elise will visit her family and enjoy sketching familiar places from her childhood, experimenting with new techniques such as fountain pen and ink and practising more with watercolour.

Sketched Scholarship 2017 - Elise Bertret - LeHavre
Alice Coates
Deviating from the original object & namesake of the ‘Sketching Scholarship’, Alice will be using the scholarship to fund weekend and night school courses in Painting, Sculpting, Sewing, Silversmithing & Animation.

Sketched Scholarship 2017 - Alice Coates - Not In My Back Yard

Sam Otto
During his Master's Degree, Sam studied Balinese Garden's as part of a History of Landscape Architecture subject. Sam is planning on heading to Bali to sketch and explore the gardens, temples and resort design in the flesh.

The Sketches Scholarship is funded from the sales of Rodney Wulff's book "Sketches 1947 to 2015" and by a generous donation from Rodney.

Rodney’s book, "Sketches 1947 to 2015" (480 page A5 book), can be purchased through Tract with all proceeds from Tract sales going to the Sketches Scholarship.
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