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Sketches (2016), Rodney Wulff_____

Sketches (2016), Rodney Wulff

Dr. Rodney Wulff, Founding Director of Tract Consultants, is a passionate sketcher. Rodney and Tract, have published a monograph of several hundred of Rodney’s sketches, covering four decades and several continents.

Sketches presents laneways, rooflines, foreshores and squares – the landscapes in which we live and work, and the landscapes that Rodney has designed in his 40 years as a heralded landscape architect.
Rodney’s preferred medium of ink and coloured pencil, his gentle line and informal rendering, are brimming with character and life. From Washington DC (1970), to Southbank, Melbourne (2015), Sketches, gifted to every Tract staff at its launch, illustrates a very appealing and personal view of the world.

Proceeds from the commercial release will fund the Tract Sketches Scholarship to encourage the art and pleasure of drawing.
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