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Providence Estate Wins Hume City Council Business Award_____

Providence Estate Wins Hume City Council Business Award

Tract and the Pask Group received an award last week from Hume City Council in the category 'Excellence in the Provision of Creative Open Space' for Napoli Park, the centerpiece of the 550 Lot Providence Estate in Greenvale.

The Park is set within an area identified as home to residents with links to Mediterranean Europe. This association provided the seed from which the Park’s design grew and blossomed. The result is a robust, gracious public park with a distinct character of its own, defined by the use of Italianate themes playfully adapted and merged with a contemporary Australian setting.
Pask Group.

Tract Project Team
Rodney Wulff, Janice Foster, Mark Skiba, Penny Coia, Chris Downie


1.8 Ha

$2.2 million
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