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Xi Jing Bay Eco Farm is located on a 253 hectare peninsula at the west tip of Suzhou New District (SND). The site is surrounded by the third largest freshwater lake in China - Taihu Lake. Tract Consultants in collaboration with Suzhou Institute of Architectural Design (CSIAD) have been engaged by the Suzhou Urban Planning Bureau SND Branch to prepare a Masterplan and detailed landscape design for the Xi Jing Bay project.

The development is intended to be sympathetic to established land uses in the area, and to maintain the general rural ambiance. Adaptive reuse, through reinterpretation of the farmland and village fabric for a range of contemporary new uses, is the key to achieving an authentic and local destination. It is also part of the sustainable approach to this project.
Drawing on five main traditional art forms from the local area; and featuring Taihu Lake local culture, the design offers a platform for the interactive showcasing of local art and agritourism.

Valley of Flowers, Fruit Orchard, Fishery & Animal Husbandry and the Mulberry Field are the four subject areas with local native species, reflecting the diversity of Taihu Lake region agricultural. Xi Jing Bay will be recreated as a national high-end agritourism boutique project.

Construction commenced 2014.

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