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Yourland Pty Ltd


Wyndham Vale, VIC

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The Wollahra Rise master plan promotes the development of quality urban public realm, pedestrian and plaza spaces within a residential fabric. The medium density public realm will serve as a “third place” for community use and as such, the layout provides for a linked pedestrian promenade and string of interlinked community spaces.

The design boasts promenades, boulevards and community spaces to support a high level pedestrian environment. Community spaces and activity nodes provide opportunity to meet, greet and play, occurring sporadically as interstitial spaces distributed throughout the urban fabric, and linked by a significant pedestrian spine. The “community spaces” cater for occasional and incidental functions and uses - offering informal gathering spaces; “Al Fresco” dining; seating and perch points; incidental play spaces; and opportunities for art.
The development of small and functional urban spaces will be integrated within the urban fabric leading to a number of benefits in sustainable management and maintenance. The concept places an emphasis on the provision of canopy trees to provide for shade, shelter, and microclimate control. Wollahra Rise also promotes water sensitive urban design through the integration of areas of quality hard paved surfaces directed towards permeable areas for surface water collection and for tree watering.

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