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The new Walter Gors Park was created through the demolition of Council properties and consolidation with the existing park area.

This open space is an integral part of the vision for Dee Why’s town centre that links streetscapes and provides high quality amenities for a growing neighbourhood.

The design principle was to bring the community together through creating a variety of spaces with different uses and scales.

The park caters for families and children of all ages with a combination of nature play and accessible equipment. Water play with button activated sequences forms a focal point.
A coastal theme has been incorporated through the interpretation of the estuarine features and the beachside nature in the detailing of the bespoke furniture items and planting selection.

The environmental challenge for this project was incorporating sustainable design principles and outcomes that demonstrate Council’s commitment to sustainability.

The area of greatest impact has been in the management of stormwater and the maximisation of its use within the landscape to both enhance landscape outcomes through passive watering but also assist in the mitigation of flood and enhancement of water quality.

Walter Gors Park was opened in April 2017.

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