Tract Consultants - Wallan Structure Plan - Context Plan

Tract Consultants - Wallan Structure Plan - Opportunities Constraints Plan

Tract Consultants - Wallan Structure Plan - Regional Context Plan

Mitchell Shire Council engaged Tract to prepare the Wallan Structure Plan. The project will provide an important strategic basis for Wallan and its communities to address the challenges and opportunities arising from its significant anticipated future growth. The project will have a focus on the existing urban areas of Wallan, but will also investigate the undeveloped areas with a view to informing Council’s participation in a future PSPs within the study area.
The Structure Plan will assess opportunities and challenges arising from the anticipated future growth of Wallan and in particular how established urban areas will be affected. It will provide guidance as to how this growth can be sustainably accommodated while responding to the major challenges articulated in the Mitchell 2020 discussion paper and identified as being directly relevant to Wallan.

An Infrastructure Coordination Plan that will present likely infrastructure requirements for the study area, time scales for the provision of the infrastructure and cost estimates for the provision.

Wallan Structure Plan_____

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