Tract Consultants - Upper West Side - Rooftop Garden Day

Tract Consultants - Upper West Side - Rooftop Garden Night

Tract Consultants - Upper West Side - Landscape Plan


Far East Consortium Pty Ltd


Melbourne, VIC

Located on Lonsdale Street in the CBD, with street frontage on Lonsdale and Spencer Streets, the Upper West Side development inhabits the site previously operating as a power station.

The scale and location of the development make it a significant project, leading the transition in land use from business / industrial to residential on the west side of the city grid. Comprising around 2,500 apartments, Upper West Side will create a substantial ‘village’ within the city, strengthening the population base of postcode 3000.

An extensive rooftop garden provides a dynamic and accessible outdoor space for the large number of future residents, supportive of creating a vibrant community.
The 3900m2 ‘green roof’ will be spilt across three podium levels, and will comprise a series of functional, interactive spaces. The concept seeks to create a blend of active and passive communal recreation spaces; living roof, productive gardens and other green technologies to create a truly memorable rooftop space and to promote a “green roof community”.

The landscape design will complement Cottee Parker’s building architecture and draw upon the building façade’s grid pattern, with a highly visual “Mondrian” overlay, providing a mosaic of textures, colours and contrasting materials. Viewed from above, the design is lush, vibrant and highly articulated providing visual interest from unit balconies and windows.

Upper West Side At rooftop level, the garden presents as a series of spaces or rooms, which are revealed as the user walks through the rooftop. The design seeks to convey a strong sense of seasonal change, the site’s former history and a new era of green roof technology. Plant selection and configuration responds to the microclimate of the rooftop. A combination of ‘bosques’ of mature trees, green walls and hedges, together with semi-permeable screen structures, provide a sense of enclosure and protection strong prevailing north-westerly winds, and maximise year-round use of the rooftop.

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