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2004 AILA Award of Merit - Environment (National)
2003 AILA Award of Merit - Environment (VIC)


The Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road, is one of the most significant tourist attractions in Victoria. Prior to redevelopment, conditions had become notably inadequate in terms of lack of public amenities, traffic access, parking and pedestrian circulation.

In 1999,Tract was commissioned by Parks Victoria to prepare a facilities and landscape masterplan to account for these inadequacies as well as undertake a rehabilitation of the adjacent coastal heathland.

The plan focused an integrating all facilities into the landscape as much as possible. Natural materials such as stone and pise walls were used. These were all relocated to a portion of nearby grazing land. The toilet waste management system included treated effluent (greywater) as a water source for flushing, rainwater harvesting and the wetlands as a final polishing device. The aim was a net decrease in both mass load and nutrient concentration discharged off the site and was the first major WSUD initiative of its type in Victoria.
As principal consultants, Tract worked with environmental engineers AGC Woodward Clyde and Gutteridge Haskins and Davey and Ecology Australia Pty Ltd, who prepared indigenous healthland revegetation advice.

Tract assisted Parks Victoria in co-ordinated the successful EPA works approval application for the project and were commissioned for the detailed documentation. The project was officially opened in March 2001 and continues to impress as a sensive and well-resolved landscape driven design response.

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