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2017 PIA Award of Excellence Best Planning Ideas - Small Project (QLD)

Tract is leading a team including Economic Associates, Bligh Tanner and MRCagney to make recommendations on economics, tourism, flooding mitigation and transport planning for the transformation of Rosewood’s Main Street (John Street).

Led by the proposed Transformation Plan, John Street has the potential to become regionally recognised.

The project involves community consultation to better understand the town, its opportunities and challenges, and to collect ideas.

This consultation is in a range of forms include face-to-face town hall meetings, pin map website, inquiry-by-design workshops including residents of the local aged care facility and shopfront displays.
The project’s objectives are;
  • strategy for the transformation of John Street;
  • key stakeholder support the initiatives and, where relevant, understand their obligations in the delivery of the plan;
  • Council investment in the new Library at the corner of Railway and John Street; and
  • traditional rural main street has to become a regionally important rural tourism or day tripping destination while enhancing the function and amenity of the centre.

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