Tract Consultants - The Garden House - 83-95 Rathdowne Street

Tract Consultants - The Garden House - Entrance Signage

Tract Consultants - The Garden House - Streetscape Interface

Tract Consultants - The Garden House - Rooftop Gardens

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Tract Consultants were engaged by Piccolo Developments to develop a landscape concept for The Garden House, 83-95 Rathdowne Street. A boutique 5 level complex located in the heart of Carlton, the corner site looks directly eastward to the Exhibition Gardens and fronts Queensbury street to the south.

Tract Consultants worked in collaboration with Piccolo and Architects Woods Bagot, to generate a landscape response that would provide residents with a garden outlook and opportunities for outdoor recreation on the upper level.
Raised planters along the streetscape interface are draped in cascading evergreen climbers and are combined with taller evergreen hedges that provide a softening to the streetscape and a sense of privacy for each dwelling. The entry into the building is identified by a mature Magnolia tree that sits within a sloping bluestone planter. Below the Magnolia is a carefully selected palette of understory shrubs that provide soft, green relief against the footpath and adjacent carriageway.

Each private terrace to the upper level supports a generous swatch of timber decking framed by artificial turf and raised planters. Planting is integrated to ensure privacy between apartments whilst maintaining views to the south-west.

This project was awarded both Victorian and National Medium Density and Presidents awards.

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