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1996 AILA Award of Merit - Design (National)

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Tarrawarra Museum of Art was opened to much acclaim in 2004. The award-winning museum building by Allan Powell showcases 20th C and contemporary Australian art. The museum is sited on a crest of a rise overlooking the Tarrawarra vineyards and dam, and the hills of the Yarra Ranges.

Tract's involvement in the Tarrawarra Museum of Art project was preceded by a 25 year contribution to shaping the the Tarrawarra property.

Tarrawarra Vineyard was created in 1986 on a 320-hectare dairy property near Yarra Glen.

Tract prepared a masterplan for the entire property which has been progressively implemented over time. This included the provision for the winery, vineyard layout, interconnecting road ways, dams for water supply and revegetation of environmentally sensitive areas of the largely divided farmland.
Local stone from the site was used in many features situated amongst the property. A poplar-lined entry drive creates a clear entrance and the generously landscaped lakes enhance the setting.

Tract has maintained an ongoing involvement in the landscape evolution of the property. The Vineyard project received a 1996 Design Award from the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.

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