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2014 AILA Landscape Architecture Award - Planning (VIC)

The Summerland Peninsula, at the western tip of Phillip Island, is home to the number one natural wildlife attraction in Australia, the Penguin Parade. The Penguin Parade Visitor Centre currently receives around 500,000 paying visitors per annum with thousands more experiencing the Summerland Peninsula through recreation and sightseeing activities. It is a place with unique ecological, scenic and cultural values, but also a place which is subject to patterns of use which have the potential to impact on the site and the quality of the user experience over time.

The existing Penguin Parade building and other site facilities no longer meet contemporary standards and current visitor needs or are now seen as visually intrusive and inappropriate for the Summerland area. The completion of the Summerland housing estate buy-back by the Victorian State Government in 2010 released remaining areas of land for integration back into Nature Park for public use and significantly changed site access and servicing requirements. This action provided a unique opportunity to reassess a range of values, site planning and design principles relating to site infrastructure, conservation, eco-tourism and recreation systems across the Summerland Peninsula.
The Summerland Peninsula Infrastructure & Procurement Master Plan was intended to establish:
  • A creative and innovative redirection for the Nature Parks facilities and the Summerland Peninsula setting which is capable of providing a clear and compelling narrative to underpin the visitor experience. The Master Plan is not just a design exercise; it is concerned with defining the nature of the Summerland Peninsula as a ‘destination’ and establishing a planning and design philosophy that recognises the inherent values and building those unique qualities into the visitor experience.
  • A precinct wide vision that encapsulates the potential of the site for more diverse and layered eco-tourism and recreation experiences and better integrates environmental management, education and research within the visitor experience.
  • New or replacement facilities that represent best practice contemporary design standards for eco-tourism facilities and redefine the relationship between the Nature Parks, the Summerland Peninsula and the local community.
Click here view the Summerland Peninsula 3D and graphic outputs created by Tract Media.

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