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Stamford Park is a 52 ha site adjacent to Corhanwarrabul Creek in Rowville. The site is of regional bio-significance and of high cultural interest. It has however been greatly modified and degraded through previous land management and agricultural practices.

Knox City Council engaged Tract Consultants to prepare a master plan and project development proposing an integrated residential and parkland development. The masterplan includes innovation and integration of social, economic and environmental issues within the wider landscape and residential fabric of the site. The masterplan also includes the design of medium-density, mixed-typology housing bringing residential innovation to an area historically populated by standard housing types.
Core components of the Master Plan:
  • 7.2 ha residential housing development comprising 80-150 dwellings with a central community open space.
  • Plaza and Town Square.
  • Renewal and masterplanning for the "Stamford Park" Heritage Homestead and Gardens.
  • 45 ha of landscape masterplanning for parkland and floodplain.
  • Cultural and recreational open space and facilities including adventure playground, ‘village green', shared bicycle trail, boardwalks and nature trails.
  • Rehabilitation and extension to create 30 ha of riparian vegetation and floodplain habitat.
  • Wetland and wet meadow for storm water retention and water quality treatment.
  • On-site water re-use for recreation and ornamental purposes.
  • Water storage for aquifer recharge water and for irrigation.
  • Historic interpretation of indigenous heritage, post-European settlement, environment and culture.

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