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2011 UDIA Intergrated Water Management
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Settler’s Run is an innovative, environmentally focused 500 home residential village, built around a Greg Norman-designed championship golf course as the centre piece.

The project is sited adjacent to the environmentally sensitive Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne. The course and surrounds has been extensively revegetated with a 'grassy woodland' plant palette, that has significantly improved the environmental and ecological values of the site.

Tract worked with Council, the Gardens and adjoining landowners to successfully managing a complex rezoning, development approval and design commitment. This ensures that the project is responsive to the Gardens, but also meets social and economic goals for the local Cranbourne community.
The success of the process, highlights the benefits of Tract Consultants’ integrated planning, landscape and urban design disciplines.

Important landscape & environmental features include:
  • Protective building, design and landscape guidelines
  • Treatment, retention, storage and reuse of local stormwater runoff
  • Extensive revegetation to restore important visual and physical buffers to significant remnant vegetation and the Botanic Gardens.
  • Pedestrian, bicycle and equestrian trails
  • An integrated streetscape/residential interface

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